Chickens: Do they enjoy studying kanji? Let's see.

Chickens also weigh nothing and possibly don't exist under their feathers, the jury is out.

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@jake CHICKENS! :blobCatAww: I love chickens so much and you got to hang out with LAP CHICKENS AHHHH

You get to do the coolest stuff sometimes!

@vicorva I think these are very spoiled chickens. XD I have some friends who are also not quite fitting in with the norm and are out in a more woodsy area growing wild plants and having chickens and things.

@LilFluff My brother was like, "She looks like she's cramming right before class because she forgot chapter 12 would be on the exam."

@MmeLibertine That one will let me pick it up. The others are like, "Ha, *no.*"

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