Another reason I decided to quit--I've caught myself falling into the 'but if I don't stay, all of X weight will fall on Y other employees...'

That's a bad way to think. As long as the employees shield the bosses from the problems with the work, the bosses won't change it.

@jake I'm sorry it's worked out like this, but all of your reasoning makes perfect sense and on that note: yay maintaining appropriate boundaries.

@eldang I'm glad that I'm old enough at this point to go 'wait, if something *starts out* with bad boundaries, the odds of those boundaries *improving* are not worth sticking around for...'

@jake I totally can relate to this. Thank you for saying this!

@jacek You're welcome! It's a trap I fall into *really* easily. I want to be helpful! I don't want anyone else to be stuck because of me!

But the older I get, the more I've learned some problems are best solved by backing away and letting them happen.

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