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My library finally got in The Traveling Cat Chronicles~~~ /I requested it so I have first hold :3

Tell me why you're trying to follow me, random follow requests~~~ If it's just for my adventure game shitpost, we're not going to work out.

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Everyone all excited about Fran being in , I'm more interested in having Balthier show up looking good. /such a cutie /also can I get his gear? /especially the neon gummi bracelets

"A cat. It doesn't seem to enjoy being picked up."

I should just film a video of me picking up objects in my own house and then commenting on them like an adventure game protagonist. "A coffee cup. It looks like it came from Baltimore. There're a lot of coffee stains inside."

I feel like, instead of book/movie/game reviews, websites should just ask, "Would you date any of the characters, and which ones?"

Get right to the important stuff, online vendors.

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Vector is still away, and I didn't organize the #sffbookclub selection for January. So we're going to kick off again in February.

November nominees with at least 3 votes will carry forward to the poll for Feb--Butler's Dawn; Chambers's Long Way to Small, Angry Planet; Roanhorse's Trail of Lightning; Fink's Welcome to Night Vale; and Samatar's A Stranger in Olondria (see the November poll for full names: doodle.com/poll/2333vyh6ei2e24 ).

Nominations for other books are open. #books #sf #fantasy #sff

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Oh, folks, do we want to start up again for February?

Just finished Tacoma! Verdict--not as good as Gone Home, in terms of storylines interweaving and emotional build and impact, but a nice little space adventure and good character-building through objects and exploration.

Walking sims are so my speed. I think What Remains of Edith Finch is the only one of the top ones (I feel like Gone Home, Tacoma, and WRoEF are the big names?) that I haven't played yet...

Tacoma's sweet so far. It's a walking sim set in space, and, so far, it's just about a set of people and their relationships and how those change over time and under pressure. /space slice of life /I like

I would like us to take a moment to appreciate how fierce Daisy Duck looks in this Japanese puzzle: plazajapan.com/4905823934777/

I'm not usually a Disney person, but you go, Daisy, take that town by storm.

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Welcome to the hangar! The ship's not fixed up completely yet, so it's not yet open to fellow space travelers. But check back again in the future!