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Not really an OC but kind of a catsona by this point? Based on Jake from Disney's The Cat From Outer Space, but essentially just an Abyssinian cat doing space-y stuff, without or without a glowing collar. Heck, if you want to put more jewelry on them, go for it.

WORLD ORDER is so good. /I love me some optimistic mildly political J-pop with dancing men in suits, I guess

Ahahaha, my manager recommended You to me, and I knew nothing about it, so I was like, "I'll have to look at it!"

Just saw what it's about and am wondering how to take the recommendation XD /we'd been talking about how I was looking for places-where-geeks-feel-comfortable-type jobs before the recommendation

LB Ngl, I think it took least a year to be able to visually sort out most of the 'something is going to happen, here's your cue to react' telegraphs in battles.

Real problems: @InspectorCaracal just pointed me towards the lyrics of "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher," so now I can actually sing it and will be doing so accidentally forever now.

When we were kids, she used to narrate her history textbook homework readings out loud after she was done, in essentially livetweet style, with voices. She's a spoony bard herself, really.

Dandelion is every character my sister has ever created. Spoony bards, all the way down.

The only thing I'm getting from vicariously watching The Witcher via other people's reactions is they possibly did make Dandelion as much of a dork as they should have.

Okay, finally convinced my poor old phone it had room for Zombies, Run! I'll see what I think of using that for running/walking.

FFXIV SH to ShB spoilers 

FFXIV SH to ShB spoilers 

Anyway. The way I feel looking at this one closet makes me feel completely vindicated in the choices I've been making in the past year. Like. I keep going by it and tearing up XD

It doesn't want to hurt me! My closet is on my side!

So. I think having that strong a reaction to a closet says I've been living with some pretty strong stress for a really long time.

(I'm still shredding receipts and papers that stacked up back in 2018...)

(If you're like--what, it took 6 months for you to make that much progress? Welp. There's a reason I felt like my life was overwhelming and terrifying when I was fully employed. I do divided attention very, very poorly...)

I have one (1) organized closet as of today after almost 6 months of underemployment, and I...can't really overstate how much of a victory that is?

I can see everything in it at a glance, I know what everything in it is, and I know I will regularly *use* everything in it. It is a friendly closet that wants to work with me.


folks in the U.S.! Where do you buy trim/fringe? I need to find more to braid into my cat toys, but I don't have any fabric shops in town these days. Is there a good place to buy online?

Focus groups are funny like that.

"So you would prefer this car if it was actually a chariot driven by velociraptors?"


FFXIV, HW spoilers, headcanon loredump 

FFXIV, HW spoilers, headcanon loredump 

FFXIV SB to ShB bridge content spoilers, headcanon 

FFXIV SB to ShB bridge content spoilers 

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