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Not really an OC but kind of a catsona by this point? Based on Jake from Disney's The Cat From Outer Space, but essentially just an Abyssinian cat doing space-y stuff, without or without a glowing collar. Heck, if you want to put more jewelry on them, go for it.

Time to start putting bets down on how long she'll stay in one place today!

I need to put birdseed out on the porch so she has cat TV.

Yesterday's sketches! Kitty sleeping on the couch + random doodles + guy studies.

Apparently there is an anime series where you pilot a dragon by letting it eat you.

, I was not prepared for 'if you love a dragon, let it eat you' to be, like. An actual *trope.*

Annnnd I've restarted my Etsy shop, because this fuckton of tick pins I made years ago isn't going to find its own way out of my apartment:

Cat studies from last night. I particularly like my little Manx boy curled up in a ball in the corner.

SB spoilers, FFXIV 

More sleeping floof cat (right as I type, also a bathing floof cat):

FFXIV SB spoilers, screenshots, lewd 

FFXIV SB spoilers, screenshots, lewd 

FFXIV SB spoilers, screenshots, lewd 

This one's the first time I did freeform (no direct screencap ref) and got his features about right, for once!

I've done a few rough sketches using screencap roughs of my guy that are getting there...

Manx boi study sketches + one tiny random sketch of my green sunfish.

I'm not practicing regularly or improving like I'd like but... Eh. Some sketches from the past month.

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